About the Netherlands Sports Council

The Netherlands Sports Council (NLsportraad) is an independent advisory body that focuses on strengthening the significance of sport for society. The Netherlands Sports Council provides strategic and operational recommendations on sport-specific themes as well as the relationship between sport and other policy areas. The Council drafts its recommendations transparently together with the relevant parties in the field. The recommendations from the Netherlands Sports Council are innovative, supported by research, and feasible. The Netherlands Sports Council consists of a maximum of 10 members and is chaired by Michael van Praag.

Role and tasks

The Netherlands Sports Council has the task of advising the cabinet and parliament, at their request or at its own initiative, on sport in the broadest sense of the term. The Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport is the first contact person within the cabinet. The Council provides independent advice. The role and tasks assigned to the Council are based on the Advisory Bodies Framework Act and the requests for advice submitted by the cabinet. Recommendations can also be provided at the request of parliament.

Evidence- and practice-based

The Council ensures that its recommendations can be used for policy development and implementation. Recommendations are evidence-based as well as practice-based. The Netherlands Sports Council bases itself on the most recent scientific knowledge to ensure that its recommendations are evidence-based. The Council calls on experts to assist in carrying out analyses and to substantiate recommendations. In addition, the Council aims to provide practice-based recommendations, in other words recommendations that can actually be put into practice by policymakers and that have real-world benefits. That is also why the Council explores various ways to interact with government ministries, other government bodies, the sports sector, the business community, and other relevant stakeholders. The Netherlands Sports Council works proactively to communicate its recommendations to all relevant parties.


The Council publishes English summaries of the publications. In case readers want to know more about the recommendations, the Council is always willing to give further explanation and discuss the advice. The Council can be contacted by e-mail: info@nlsportraad.nl.